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Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility. If an individual is unable to cope with an emergency, governments respond progressively -- i.e., municipal, provincial/territorial and federal -- as their capabilities and resources are needed.

To keep Canada safe, governments work closely with a range of public and private sector organizations. Some of these organizations include:

Canadian Red Cross
Prepare for Life. Learn how to prevent injuries and to think, react and improvise in emergency situations from a world leader in first aid and disaster preparedness -- the Canadian Red Cross.

St. John Ambulance
Saving Lives -- at work, home and play. As Canada's standard for excellence in first aid and CPR services, St. John Ambulance offers innovative programs and products, ensuring Canadians receive the best quality training and expertise.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army brings relief to people around the world through its emergency and disaster services. Ready to deploy its resources at very short notice, disaster units immediately work to reduce physical harm and help victims regain control of their lives.

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